The FMIT provides generous matching safety grants to help you purchase safety and health resources. In fact, we offer more safety grants than any other risk pool in Florida.  To be awarded a safety grant, members must complete an online application. Completed applications are then reviewed by your risk and safety consultant. Once the request is approved, an ACH payment will be sent to the city contact.

At the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, we’re always looking for ways to improve our services for members.  The Safety Grant application has moved to your FMIT Member Dashboard effective October 1, 2021.  Please log in to the Dashboard at to complete your Safety Grant application.  This improved process will prefill specific fields for you, and now you will have access to your "Safety Grant Awards History."

PLEASE NOTE: When uploading documents to the online grant application, please only upload receipts or invoices of the purchase. Please do not submit photos or any other documentation.


If you do not have a login to the FMIT Member Dashboard, or if you have any questions regarding the FMIT Matching Safety Grant Fund Program, please contact:


Christina Malhotra
Insurance Member Services Assistant
Direct:  407.367.1777
Toll Free:  800.445.6248 x1777

 - or -

Anita Wick, Risk and Safety Specialist
Direct: 407.367.1734
Toll-Free: 800.445.6248 x1734


  • Who do I contact if I wish to talk to someone about the Safety Grant Program?

  • What needs to be submitted along with the Safety Grant Application Form?

  • What if I would like to know if the item I plan to purchase will be eligible for the safety grant?

  • If submitting a price quote or an estimate to determine approval, when will I receive my check, if approved?

  • Should I calculate the amount of my safety grant check?

  • When are safety grant applications due?

  • When are safety grant applications processed?

  • When should I expect to receive my safety grant award?

  • How do I know whether I am eligible for additional funds under the program?

  • Where can I find a copy of the grant guidelines?

  • How do I submit my application online?

  • How do I submit my safety grant application?