Following two catastrophic hurricanes, Irma and Michael, we can confidently say that, by every measure, our disaster recovery program leads the industry.

After years of development, this world-class member service, provided as part of the FMIT’s property insurance coverage, proved that it can pass the ultimate test. We assisted members during their most vulnerable moments through expedited mitigation and recovery services that reduced millions of dollars of out-of-pocket costs.

From fires to floods to hurricanes, the FMIT helps you return to normal in record time. We leverage decades of recovery experience combined with cutting-edge technology to provide:     

  • Critical incident communications both pre and post event.
  • Rapid damage assessments immediately after a catastrophe.
  • Building stabilization services that maintain operations and reduce claim costs.

In conjunction with our generous property coverage provisions, the FMIT’s disaster recovery program provides for the deployment of resources such as emergency generators, fuel, temporary lighting, portable buildings and support facilities, emergency communications support and more.

Watch our YouTube videos to see footage from our recovery efforts following Hurricane Irma and Michael.
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For additional information on this program, please contact the Trust Services Department at  800.445.6248 or to find your FMIT contact, click here.