The Florida League of Cities (FLC), administrator of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT), is committed to the spirit of public service and recognizes the tremendous energy, dedication, sacrifices and compassion needed to give unselfishly to one’s community. 

To assist FMIT-insured law enforcement officers in their effort to promote excellence in professional policing, the FMIT Law Enforcement Advisory Panel (LEAP) was formed in 2015. This advisory group of local government law enforcement leaders meets on a quarterly basis to discuss innovations and ideas, losses incurred, loss prevention and current events.

This advisory panel strives to:

  • Foster a spirit of cooperation within the law enforcement community.
  • Provide perspective to the FMIT on best practices in pursuit of a reduction of risk.
  • Mitigate and reduce exposure to risk through law enforcement education.

Visit the Law Enforcement Advisory Panel's website or contact LEAP Director and Risk and Safety Consultant Sam Slay at 850.596.7335 or LEAP Administrator Anita Wick at 407.367.1734 to learn more.