The Florida League of Cities, Inc. (FLC) has the capability to place coverages outside of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT). These coverages include:


Airport / Hangarkeepers Operations

This policy provides liability coverage (bodily injury and physical damage) from the operations of the airport and the hangaring of aircraft. Fueling and repairs by the owner can also be covered. Hangarkeepers protects the airport owner for physical damage to the aircraft under their responsibility.

Executive Travel Accident

This policy provides accident coverage for elected officials and executive position staff. Elected officials are covered only while on member business. Coverage for the executive position staff applies on a 24 hour basis.

Fiduciary Liability

This policy protects the board members of pension plans for their fiduciary responsibility. It covers funding, regulatory and filing requirements, conflict of interest, and failure to disclose required information and investment decisions.

Flood Coverage

Flood coverage is written on a primary basis to supplement the excess flood coverage provided by the FMIT. The flood program requires a separate policy for each building that is to be insured.

Liquor Liability

This policy provides coverage for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Marina Operators Liability

This policy covers the liability of marine operations to include storage, fueling, rental slips, repair, mooring, and boat dealers. The FMIT does not cover watercrafts of others.


Marine Insurance – Hull and Protection & Indemnity

Marine insurance policies provide liability, crew coverage, and hull coverage to watercraft. The watercraft can be over the FMIT maximum or be used when maritime coverage is required.

These opportunities include police vessels over 52 feet, all other vessels over 35 feet, draglines, dredges, water taxis or any other operation where passengers are transported.

Protection and Indemnity provides liability coverage including injury, illness, or death of the crew.

Hull insurance is physical damage to the vessel. This includes rough seas, collision, stranding, fire, and lightning.

Petroleum Storage Tank Liability and Remediation

This policy covers third party liability and remediation for pollution damage from owned petroleum storage tanks. The policy meets the requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection Agency (DEP).

Pollution Liability and Remediation (Other Than Storage Tanks)

This policy covers third party liability and remediation for pollution damage from other operations of the member. These operations can include spraying, maintenance facilities, and water and wastewater facilities including pump / lift stations.

Public Official / Position Schedule Bond

This policy indemnifies against loss due to dishonesty of employees.

Skate Facility Liability

This coverage provides third party liability for the operations of a skate facility. Accident coverage is also included.

Coverage may either be placed in the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) or through an outside insurance market based on eligibility requirements.

Special Events and Miscellaneous General Liability

This coverage is for event holders or groups using the member’s facilities and do not have insurance. The events can be written through the FLC or on an individual basis through the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).

Some members have facilities that are continuously rented out to groups or individuals. These facilities can be recreation centers or civic centers. This special event policy can be referred to as a rental facilities policy.

Statutory Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

This policy provides the limits required by Florida statute for law enforcement officers and firefighters. In line of duty benefits available for other employees. Other employees do not receive fresh pursuit or unlawful and intentional death benefits.


Other coverages include but are not limited to:

  • AD&D including Volunteer Firefighters, Special Events, Municipal Recreation
  • Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability 
  • Event Weather (Rain) Cancelation Insurance 
  • Fidelity Coverage – Pension Plans
  • Public Officials E&O and Employment Practices

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