Workers' Compensation

The FMIT provides Workers' Compensation coverage to protect your employees and includes coverage for your volunteer workers.

The limits provided are:

  • Workers' Compensation, Section 1, Statutory Limits
  • Employers Liability, Section 2
      • Bodily Injury by Accident $1,000,000 each accident
      • Bodily Injury by Disease $1,000,000 policy limit
      • Bodily Injury by Disease $1,000,000 each employee
  • Voluntary Compensation
  • Other States Coverage

Coverage is available on a first dollar basis, with deductibles or a self-insured retention. Premium credits are available for approved Drug-Free Workplace and Safety Programs established and maintained in accordance with Florida law.

For additional information on our Workers’ Compensation coverages, contact the Trust Services Department at 800.445.6248. 

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