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Hometown Health

Hometown Health is an employee health promotion program
for municipalities that have group health insurance
with the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust.


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Hurricane Michael Post-Event Alert:
FMIT On The Ground Throughout The Panhandle Supporting Members

FMIT ALERT: Friday, Oct. 19, 2018

FMIT Adjusting Teams are currently conducting site visits to capture the information necessary to create formal reports and estimates, which will help expedite the claims adjudication process as well as any subsequent FEMA PA funding requests.  Adjusters are contacting Members via phone and email.  If you are unsure if you are speaking to a valid, FMIT Adjuster, contact (844) 364-8228 to confirm.
Members in the affected areas of Hurricane Michael should also review the information and links below in order to ensure that you are providing your municipality with the best opportunity to recover quickly while reducing unfunded losses due to Hurricane Michael.

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Call 844-FMIT-CAT (844-364-8228)
to contact the FMIT Property Claims Center Hotline.
to send damage related emails to FMIT Claims Center.


Our Coverages

General Liability

The FMIT provides General Liability and Professional Liability in one combined policy. These coverages are written on an occurrence format. Coverage also includes Cyber Liability.


The FMIT provides Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage to cover your entity’s needs.


The FMIT provides Property coverage for municipalities, regardless of where they are located in Florida.

Workers' Compensation

The FMIT provides Workers' Compensation coverage to protect your employees and includes coverage for your volunteer workers.

Group Health

Through our Group Health Program, we are able to provide your entity with a variety of Group Health Benefit packages.

Ancillary Coverages

The FLC is able to obtain different types of coverage that are not provided by the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust.

About Us

The Florida League of Cities, administrator of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, is the state association for cities, towns and villages of Florida.

The League established its first insurance program in 1977 to provide workers’ compensation coverage and services to governmental entities. Early success of that program led to the establishment of Trusts for the liability, property and health lines of coverage. This firmly established the League as the leader of these services in Florida. 

In 1987, the League opened its Public Risk Services office to administer the programs in-house. Subsequently, the insurance programs were consolidated under the name “Florida Municipal Insurance Trust” (FMIT). 

The FMIT, governed by elected officials, is a non-assessable, nonprofit, tax-exempt risk-sharing pool. It provides insurance services for approximately 600 public entities in Florida, of which 250-plus are municipalities. Learn More




Hometown Health is an employee health promotion program for municipalities that have group health insurance with the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust.

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Members of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust may access a wide variety of risk and safety classes at no cost through the FLC University's School of Risk and Safety Management. 

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EPL Assist™ is a cutting edge risk management program providing policyholders with a wide variety of legal content, forms and analysis, combined with the ability to interface directly with Littler lawyers dedicated to assisting ACE insureds in navigating what has become an employment law minefield.

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