About Us

About Us

The Florida League of Cities, administrator of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, is the state-wide advocacy association for the cities, towns and villages of Florida.

The League established its first insurance program in 1977 to provide workers’ compensation coverage and services to governmental entities. Early success of that program led to the establishment of Trusts for the liability, property and health lines of coverage. This firmly established the League as the leader of these services in Florida. 

In 1987, the League opened its Public Risk Services office to administer the programs in-house. Subsequently, the insurance programs were consolidated under the name “Florida Municipal Insurance Trust” (FMIT). 

The FMIT, governed by elected officials, is a non-assessable local government risk-sharing pool. It provides insurance services for more than 550 public entities in Florida, of which over 250 are municipalities.

The FMIT maintains superior financial stability, presently highlighted with total assets of approximately $500 million and a surplus of $194 million, and it insures approximately $10 billion in total insured property values.

The League administers every facet of the FMIT’s operations, from claims handling to rate development, and offers unparalleled claims-paying ability and equity returns for its membership. 

The Florida Municipal Insurance Trust Is . . . 

Your Resource. Your Advocate. Your Partner.

What does that mean for your municipality? 

As your Resource, we are available for support and assistance. When you are confronted with a difficult or troublesome insurance-related issue, the FMIT can help by offering the following resources: risk and safety management services, human resources and risk & safety management seminars, employment law advisor program, disaster preparedness and recovery services, Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance, and much more.

As your Advocate, the Florida League of Cities is the united voice for Florida’s municipal governments. It is committed to promoting local self-government and defending Home Rule.

As your Partner, we are your ally. The Florida League of Cities exists to serve the needs of municipalities in the state. What began in 1977 to assist cities that were unable to get affordable workers’ compensation coverage has grown into the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust. This continuing relationship is based on open communication, trust and transparency.

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