Home Town Health

Hometown Health is an employee health promotion program for municipalities that have group health insurance with the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust.

Hometown Health was developed by the Florida League of Cities to help cities contain or reduce health care costs. Participating cities will receive training, program planning, financial support and onsite screenings and flu shots at no cost to you or your employees. The program is easily incorporated into your workplace with hands-on assistance from Florida League of Cities wellness coordinators. They will assist your city every step of the way as you develop your program and provide all the material you need to run a successful wellness program.

The Hometown Health workplace wellness plan is designed so participants can easily make healthier lifestyle choices. The employee health screenings detect conditions and risk factors early, making them easier and less expensive to treat.

Benefits to employees include free online health assessments, free onsite biometric screenings, free telephonic health coaching, free flu shots, wellness challenges, and a two-tier annual incentive program for participants, who receive:

• A $25 gift card for completing the health assessment.

• A $100 gift card for completing additional activities.

For more information on the Hometown Health program or the Hometown Health website, please contact Gwen Mahabir or Cindy Crump.