Florida Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program

The Florida Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program, designed by the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT), satisfies the lump-sum benefit requirements of the firefighter cancer benefit law (Florida Statute 112.1816) effective July 1, 2019.

FMIT’s Florida Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program helps local government employers of full-time firefighters in several key ways. First, employers can instantly comply with the significant lump-sum benefit requirement of the law and reduce its related financial burden. Through FMIT’s partnership with Chubb Accident & Health, employers are provided a more efficient group purchasing platform and seamless benefit administration. Chubb Accident & Health is a leading provider of innovative accident and health insurance programs and an experienced leader in providing best-in-class cancer plan administration.

Our coverage plan is designed to help provide financial support for eligible firefighters diagnosed with cancer.

The Lump-Sum Cancer Benefit
A $25,000 cash benefit, paid upon the diagnosis of a covered cancer, may be used to meet the firefighter’s financial needs.

Optional Death Benefit
For employers whose policies include the optional life coverage, a $75,000 cash benefit will be paid in the event of the firefighter’s death due to complications associated with covered cancer.

Florida Firefighter Cancer Benefit FAQs│To learn more, email FFCP@flcities.com.