The following is a FMIT contacts/resources list for Insurance Services.  

Insurance Services

Phone:        407.425.9142
Toll Free:     800.445.6248
Fax:              407.425.9378

Mailing Addresses: 

Administration / Marketing / Underwriting

PO Box 538135
Orlando, FL 32853-8135

Property & Liability / WC / Health

PO Box 538135
Orlando, FL 32853-8135

Special Investigation Unit

PO Box 1757
Tallahassee, FL 32302-1757

FMIT Contacts:

Please click on the staff name to send an email.

Clay Austin
Director, Trust Services

Dana Johnson
Health Services Manager

Director, Insurance Services 

SIU Manager

Lindsey Larson
Health Marketing Manager

Christina Malhotra
Trust Services Administrative Assistant

Ron Peters
Director, Risk and Safety Management

Trust Services Administrator

Chris Smith
Property & Liability Claims Manager

Workers' Compensation Claims Manager

Melissa Solis
Trust Services Manager

Anita Wick
Risk and Safety Specialist