FMIT's Employment Law Advisor (ELA)

An addition to your speed dial to prevent employment liability practice claims and save you money.

Discrimination. Sexual harassment. Family and Medical Leave Act. Americans with Disabilities Act. Wage and hour laws. As your risk and insurance program partner, the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) understands the risks of violating employment related laws, especially when you urgently need to make personnel-related decisions. We’ve created a program to help protect you BEFORE a claim arises! We are pleased to announce the Employment Law Advisor (ELA) at no cost to you.

  • What is it? This new member benefit will give legal guidance on employment practices liability issues from a Florida-based attorney with significant public-sector employment law experience.
  • Why should I participate? Potential laws, rules and workplace scenarios that can impact management decisions can be wide-ranging. Difficult personnel scenarios are disruptive to your business operations and productivity. They can also lead to costly employment practices liability under state and federal laws.
  • How does it work? Simply call. We’ll provide you with clear and confidential legal guidance on employment law issues in your workplace.
  • When is it available? Members can speak in detail with a Florida employment law attorney Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time).
  • What are some of the topics covered?
    • Hiring
    • Discipline
    • Promotion/Demotion
    • Transfer
    • Reassignment
    • Layoff
    • Termination
    • Complaints:
      • Discrimination
      • Harassment
      • Unfair Treatment
      • Retaliation

Have an employment law inquiry?
Let the Employment Law Advisor take care of that for you!
Call 1-888-368-FMIT (3648) for ELA Service.


In addition to your FMIT Employment Law Advisor service, you will continue to have access to human resources and employment practices policy and document library, reference manuals, and more through our EPL Assist™ program. Click here to login and gain access to these resources.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Trust Services Department at (800) 445-6248.