FMIT Safety Webinar: Collision Reporting and Investigation

  • Dates: 06 – 06 Jun, 2024
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  • Contact: Anita Wick
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  • Phone: 407.367.1734


FMIT Safety Webinar: Collision Reporting and Investigation

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Join our comprehensive webinar on Collision Reporting and Investigation. This session will equip your staff with the necessary knowledge and tools to improve road safety, reduce collision rates, and efficiently handle post-collision procedures.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding Collision Reporting Procedures: Explore the essential components of collision reporting, including the information required, legal obligations, and the importance of accurate and timely reporting.
  • Analyzing Collision Data: Learn how to effectively analyze collision data to identify trends, high-risk areas, and contributing factors. Discover how data-driven insights can inform targeted road safety improvements.
  • Best Practices in Collision Investigation: Gain insights into effective collision investigation techniques, including evidence gathering, witness interviews, and the role of law enforcement. Discover how comprehensive investigations can lead to better accident reconstruction and liability assessment.
  • Collaboration with Law Enforcement and Agencies: Understand the importance of seamless collaboration between municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders in collision reporting, investigation, and implementing safety initiatives.
  • Technological Innovations for Collision Reporting: Discover the latest technological advancements that can streamline collision reporting and investigation processes, including data collection tools and automated reporting systems.


We DO NOT provide certificates for any webinars. If your department is using this webinar as department training, simply document the completion of the training on a training roster or meeting summary form. 

Target Audience

This webinar is best suited for organizational leadership since it provides information on planning, policy development or high-level risk management strategies that most employees are not involved in. 

Date/Time:  June 6, 2024 (2-3pm)

Presenter:  Trevor Reschny, CSP

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