The Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) Risk Control Department assists members with creating and sustaining a safe work environment. Effective Risk Control reduces and even eliminates risks, which preserves members’ resources and funds.

Many public entities in Florida, including several FMIT members, have had to cut safety and health departments to meet fiscal goals. This may mean that required safety training is not completed when necessary. We know how important training is, which is why we offer a variety of ways to meet our members' needs whether it is On-site, at the FLC offices or nearby members or online.

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The Approach

The Florida League of Cities and the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust uses a targeted risk control approach to best serve our members. Losses are caused by specific actions or conditions. By targeting those, real losses can be prevented.

Targeted Risk Control is a means to:

  • Target where the losses are occurring
  • Find and isolate the root cause
  • Identify specific corrective actions
  • Offer recommendations to make those corrective actions
  • Monitor the results to ensure the actions have the desired effects

Products and Services

Safety Analysis
Loss Analysis
Program Consultation
Property Evaluations
Risk Control Safety Training Programs 
Safety and Health Videos
Matching Safety Grant Fund
Safety Posters and Materials

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Your Risk Control Team

Not finding what you need or you want additional information? Our help is only a phone call away. 
Please contact the Risk Control Department at (800) 445-6248, ext. 1758 or by email.