Under the direction of FLC’s Insurance & Financial Services, FMIT Members benefit from Disaster Response & Recovery Programs provided by our program partner, SynergyNDS.


The FMIT's simpliCity software includes features developed to support member's insurance and FEMA Public Assistance (PA) needs and field activities. From resolution sample drafts, industry documents and training tracks and real-time damage assessment tools, FMIT members are equipped to maximize all available funding opportunities while complying with documentation requirements that limit the threat of future FEMA de-obligation. 

Access the simpliCity website here: simpliCity 

TurnKey Recovery℠ Program 

To improve the mitigation process and significantly reduce the financial impact a loss can have on one’s ability to recover, FMIT TurnKey Recovery℠ managed by Synergy, is offered to members through the FMIT’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services. All recovery services, upfront material deposits and vendor progress payments are paid direct to qualified vendors on approved property claims. Administered through simpliCity℠ Pro, FMIT members submit vendors to Synergy, in advance of an event, for certification in the Qualified Vendor Program (QVP) and to have designated as the member's preferred Emergency Services Vendor (EVP). FMIT TurnKey Recovery℠ helps to minimize the financial exposure that property claims can have on members net cash-flow by eliminating the recovery cost burden and the reimbursement process. Additionally,  FMIT TurnKey Recovery℠ significantly reduces overall recovery costs and time lines by leveraging the QVP network, preferred pricing agreements and well-defined recovery expectations.

FMIT-Alert Notification

Developed through input and feedback from FMIT members, the FMIT Alert Notification System helps members prepare for impending weather events by providing alert information directly to their inboxes and cell phones. FMIT Alerts are timely, brief and packed with the pre-event information, such as projected storm path and intensity data, that members need to make advanced preparation decisions. Alerts also include post-event communications delivered via email, phone and text message that support specific FMIT recovery initiatives and the RAPID Assessment℠ Program.

RAPID Assessment℠

More than ever, documenting sustained damage to both insured property and the community (residential and commercial property) is a more daunting task given most member's staffing availability. RAPID Assessment℠ provides FMIT members real time solutions to capture field summary reports using mobile applications as it relates to Insurance and FEMA Public Assistance Category A & B work. Data collected in the field is uploaded automatically to the simpliCity Pro member's dashboard and reported to front-line decision makers allowing for more timely assessment and response. Additional functionality is under development to account for and document FEMA Forced Labor & Equipment and Debris Management tools.

FMIT Recovery Program Manager

When disaster strikes, the FMIT depends on Synergy Recovery Resources to meet the needs of its members throughout the state. FMIT members are exposed to many threats that can impact their infrastructure and operational components. Effective planning and response is crucial for organizations to recover in a timely and cost-effective manner. With the experience and proven capacity to respond, Synergy works in partnership with FMIT's Insurance & Financial Services to develop strategies and provide programs for crisis planning, response and recovery services for its members. Working with pre-qualified local and national vendors, Synergy organizes and manages various response and recovery programs of the FMIT. As the recovery program manager, Synergy supports the diverse needs of FMIT members with bottom line responsibility to mitigate damages, reduce extra-expense costs, leverage resources and provide cost-effective solutions.

FEMA Public Assistance Programs

With the current economic climate, FMIT members need to take advantage of FEMA assistance programs by qualifying for eligible project funding. Members cannot afford the financial implications associated with de-obligated FEMA Public Assistance (PA) grant monies. FMIT's simpliCity℠ software includes a number of features developed to support member's FEMA PA needs and field activities. From resolution sample drafts, industry documents and training tracks, a member Q&A forum and real-time damage assessment tools, FMIT members are equipped to maximize FEMA PA funding opportunities while complying with documentation requirements that limit the threat of future FEMA de-obligation.

Employee Support Program

Response and recovery is only as successful as the availability of the people who are tasked with the responsibility to respond. Employee Support Program (ESP) is a voluntary program designed for FMIT members. ESP works with staff's homeowners insurance providers and qualified contractors to coordinate services, prioritize response and leverage FMIT group discounts while allowing employees to remain at work and focus on the recovery tasks at hand. Additional public subsistence programs are made available, based on the particular incident or declared event (to include temporary housing, food, transportation, evacuation, on site ATM, etc.) ESP is available to simpliCity℠ Pro users at no additional costs.

TrackDown℠ Asset Management Solutions

With the price tag of recovery operations skyrocketing, an effective asset management system is essential for maximizing efficiency, controlling costs and making informed post-event decisions. TrackDown meets the needs of FMIT members by providing asset management solutions that help assist day-to-day operations as well as post-disaster documentation requirements. TrackDown allows simpliCity℠ Pro users to manage fixed and mobile assets involved in operations, including personnel, food, water, ice, lodging, heavy equipment and more. The primary objective of TrackDown is to provide real-time logistics information to command personnel in the field and in the office while making it easy to access and understand. TrackDown reporting shows trends and provides instant feedback to members of management, making them more effective and empowered. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to include RFID, GPS and Cellular, Synergy customizes both passive and direct data collection systems to meet FMIT member's needs.  

Managed Member Asset Program (MMAP)

In tough times, MMAP provides an opportunity for public entities to realize a return on fixed assets (equipment) by contributing to on-demand, statewide rental programs to both the public and private sector. Accessed and inventoried through simpliCity℠ Pro, participating members are paid market rates for equipment rentals to other public entities. MMAP is utilized for both approved FMIT property claims and complies with eligible FEMA Public Assistance (PA) procurement guidelines. All procurement, setup and fulfillment activities are managed by Synergy Recovery Resources as a two-tiered program bringing together inventory from both the public and private sectors.
For additional information, please visit the simpliCity website.