Insurance fraud costs each Florida family approximately $1,250 a year in additional premiums and is the number two white collar crime in America. The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) was created in 1999 to investigate suspected fraud to help reduce the cost and amount of fraud for the FloridaMunicipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) members.
As of 2016, fraud investigations and prosecutions have resulted in over $6.9 million in cost savings and over $2 million dollars in restitution ordered on FMIT claims. The SIU was recognized by the State of Florida Governor and Cabinet in 2009 for its work in the fight against insurance fraud.

If you are aware of fraudulent activity involving a Florida League of Cities or FMIT claim, you can report that activity by calling the SIU hotline at (888) 447-5877, emailing, or by clicking on Report Fraud. Please provide as much information as possible to allow a complete and thorough investigation.