Online learning is becoming increasingly popular because of its convenience and flexibility. More than 300OnlineLearning online courses are available through the FMIT online learning. Created specifically for public entities, topics range from human resources and safety management to productivity and law enforcement. With online learning, you can build your own courses using the material. Courses are between 25 to 35 minutes long. At the conclusion, most include a quiz to asses your understanding of the information covered.

The following lists the benefits of online learning.

  • Consistency

  • Customizable

  • Flexibility

  • Convenience

  • Problem-Solving

  • Efficient

  • Specialized Law Enforcement Material

FMIT Online Learning includes:
•     Practice exercises
•     Test comprehension
•     Monitoring capabilities and employee evaluation

To request further information and to obtain a log-in account, please contact:

Nadine Llewellyn, Trust Services Administrative Assistant
Direct: 407-367-1758
Toll-Free: 800-445-6248 ex 1758
                             - or -

Anita Wick, Risk and Safety Specialist
Direct: 407-367-1734
Toll-Free: 800-445-6248 ex 1734