All personnel working on or near roadways in the State of Florida should attend the courses, including roadway maintenance workers, traffic device installation/maintenance personnel, water and water treatment workers, park and recreation personnel assigned landscaping duties near roadways and sidewalk maintenance personnel. Training is designed to ensure every person involved with work zone traffic control understands the standards with regard to planning, designing, supervising, implementing and maintaining work zones. Remember: If your employees are placing cones in a roadway, they are part of the standard.

Per the MOT Administrator: MOT is now Temporary Traffic Control 
Courses Currently Scheduled and Accepting Registrations for:  

Casselberry TTC/MOT 8 Hour Refresher Training Course
Casselberry, FL

Lauderhill TTC (MOT) 16 Hour Training Course
01.30.2018 and 01.31.2018
Lauderhill, Florida

Sunrise TTC/MOT 16 Hour Training Course
02.06.2018 and 02.07.2018
Sunrise, FL

City of Belleview TTC (MOT) 16 Hour Training Course
05.08.2018 and 05.09.2018 - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Belleview City Commission Chambers, 5343 SE Abshier Blvd., Belleview, FL 34420

To register personnel for these classes, or if you would like to schedule the Temporary Traffic Control (MOT) 16 Hour Training Course or the Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) 8 Hour Refresher Course at your public entity, contact Anita Wick.

Students must obtain a score of 70% or higher in order to pass the written exam. To register for any of these training sessions, contact Anita Wick

If you would like to hold the Temporary Traffic Control (MOT) 16 Hour Course or Temporary Traffic Control (MOT) 8 Hour Refresher course at your public entity, contact Anita Wick. There is a minimum of 15 registrants required in order to schedule a class. Should your public entity not be able to meet the minimum, we can accommodate you by scheduling a regional session at your location and opening up the class to other members in the area.  

Due to the implementation of an MOT Administrator fee from the State of Florida in the amount of $20 for each person participating in TTC (MOT) Intermediate and TTC (MOT) Intermediate Refresher training, the price structure for all TTC/MOT Intermediate and TTC/MOT Intermediate Refresher classes scheduled by the Florida League of Cities, MOT Provider No. 142, has now increased to:

TTC/MOT Intermediate

FMIT Members  
$105.00 per person 
All other public entities
$115.00 per person

TTC/MOT Intermediate Refresher

FMIT Members    
$65.00 per person 
All other public entities
$75.00 per person

The Florida League of Cities is an FDOT-approved MOT Provider (Provider No. 142)