The matching safety grant is designed to help our members pay for safety and health related items, programs and policies that help eliminate, reduce or control their exposures to loss. A few examples of grants approved include:

  • A member had a large number of losses due to their sidewalks becoming uneven because of ground movement.  The member was able to use a vendor to grind the sidewalk edges even and used the safety grant to fund half of the cost.
  • A member had a major loss caused by a fence with large decorative sharp points.  The member was able to use the safety grant to pay for half of the cost to redesign the fence so it no longer had sharp points.
  • A member was having an increase of back injuries by their fire rescue caused by the lifting of old gurneys.  The member was able to use the safety grant to assist with the purchase of new gurneys with automatic lift assists and reduced the exposure.
  • Personal Protective equipment is always in need of replacement.  A member had older bullet-resistive vests that were near their useful lives.  The member was able to use the safety grant to reduce its cost to purchase new vests, which will provide employees additional protection while out on patrol.

To be awarded a safety grant, members complete a two-page request form. Completed forms are sent to the risk control consultants for review. Once the request is approved, a check is sent to the member. 

Download a printable version of the Safety Grant Application.

To fill out the Safety Grant application online please  click here.

Download Guidelines.

To request further information regarding the application, contact Risk Control.