FMIT Offers Employment Practices Law Assistance

Employers today face a dizzying array of employment laws, regulations and ongoing employment issues. Whether it involves employee discipline or termination, wage and hour, disability accommodation, or even the new frontier of social media, failure to comply with the ever-changing legal requirements can have a devastating impact on employee morale and the company’s bottom line. ACE recognizes the unique burdens faced by employers today, and is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the nation’s foremost employment and labor law firm, Littler Mendelson (Littler), to create a cutting edge employment practices risk management tool for ACE insureds, called EPL Assist™. Through EPL Assist™, insureds have an unlimited ability to seek out expert advice and counsel as a benefit of the program.

What is EPL Assist™?
EPL Assist™ is a cutting edge risk management program providing policyholders with a wide variety of legal content, forms and analysis, combined with the ability to interface directly with Littler lawyers dedicated to assisting ACE insureds in navigating what has become an employment law minefield. Through a secure web portal containing essential employment law resources and tools, as well as a toll free hotline service, ACE insureds with primary EPL coverage policies now have access to the content and advice necessary to compete in today’s challenging legal environment.

Insureds are provided:
 No cost, online and live access to the legal experts at Littler, the largest employment and labor firm in the U.S.
 Online preventing workplace harassment training which complies with California AB 1825 and online preventing harassment education video available in both English and Spanish languages
 Employment law updates, newsletters and related publications
 A compendium of online employment law resources through a secure website, including unlimited access to such content as:

  • Employment policies and practices
  • Human Resources forms library
  • Sample employee handbooks, including supplement information for all 50 states
  • State and national employment law summaries and reference materials
  • 50 state surveys on various employment law essentials, including such things as minimum wage and overtime requirements, protected classifications, new hire reporting requirements, meal and rest break requirements, and voting rights requirements

 Complimentary vignettes on best employment practices
 Complimentary registration to Littler’s nationwide breakfast briefing series
 Complimentary access to Littler’s webinars and podcasts
 Discounted rates for various Littler events

For more information, contact your FMIT Account Executive.