Risk Control Posters

We are currently developing and have, in stock, a number of safety posters. The posters address hazards associated with the various departments of a typical city.
Your input into this program is requested and appreciated. Check in from time-to-time to see what new posters have been developed. 
Drug-Free Workplace: Drugs Don't Work Here 
Illegal use or possession of drugs or alcohol may lead to: loss of employment and/or loss of workers' compensation benefits.
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Be Conscious of Your Work Environment
There is potential for serious injury anywhere even at the office. Be Conscious of Your Work Environment.

Drive Defensively
Chief! I think we're gonna knock ten seconds off our average run on this one. Remember The name of the game is not "just getting there" but "getting there safely." Eliminate Fatalities and Law Suits..Drive Defensively

Drive Defensively (Police)
Those in Blue have accidents too!

High Speed Pursuit
"When I asked you to look into High Speed Pursuit, this is NOT what I had in mind."

Inspect Regularly
Maintaining a Safe City is No Accident Inspect Regularly

Job Safety Analysis
Want to change this picture? Understand the concept of a Job Safety Analysis: 1. Select the job to be analyzed 2. Separate the job into basic steps 3. Identify the hazards associated with each step 4. Control each hazard Before the job is performed

1. The quality or condition of being negligent. a) Habitual failure to do the required thing. b) Carelessness in manner or appearance; indifference 2. An instance of such failure, carelessness, or indifference. 3. Law failure to use a reasonable amount of care when such a failure results in injury or damage to another. A word often associated with Lawsuits

Second Chance
Normally I do follow the City's Safety Manual, but yesterday...Take the Time to do the job Safely Not Everyone gets a second chance


Buckle Up
There were many reasons the city gave John for wearing his seatbelt... John just found out the most important one.
Confined Spaces
There are easier ways to learn about the exposures of confined spaces.
Complacency is a No No in a good safety program.
If you have further questions, please contact the Risk Control Department at (800) 445-6248, ext. 1758
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