The FMIT Risk Control Department assists members with creating and sustaining a safe work environment. Effective Risk Control reduces and even eliminates risks, which preserves members’ resources and funds.

The Approach

The Florida League of Cities and the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust uses a targeted risk control approach to best serve our members. Losses are caused by specific actions or conditions. By targeting those, real losses can be prevented.

Targeted Risk Control is a means to:

·        Target where the losses are occurring

·        Find and isolate the root cause

·        Identify specific corrective actions

·        Offer recommendations to make those corrective actions

·        Monitor the results to ensure the actions have the desired effects

Products and Services

Safety Analysis

This first step is used to identify, analyze and record existing or potential safety and health hazards. FMIT Consultants make recommendations for actions and procedures to eliminate or reduce these hazards.

Loss Analysis

FMIT Consultants use statistical trends or patterns to find the actual locations, materials, machines, equipment, tools and operations that cause the highest frequency or largest severity of loss. This gives our members a target on which to concentrate, ultimately reducing or eliminating future loss from the same root cause.

Program Consultation

FMIT Consultants evaluate the current programs implemented by members. Written programs are “live documents” and must be regularly reviewed, adapted and enhanced. FMIT Consultants assist members to make sure their programs have these basic sections:

·        Commitment

·        Identification and control of hazards

·        Responsibility and corresponding accountabilities

·        Defined inspections

·        Incident investigation

·        Training

These sections are then reviewed for compliancy and effectiveness. FMIT Consultants will help members adjust programs as necessary.

Property Evaluations

The FMIT will reimburse the member half the cost (up to $40.00 per unit) of completing an insurance-to-value report of all exposures on their property schedule. FMIT consultants will review the members’ existing property evaluation reports and compare that information to an onsite review. The information gathered is entered into an insurance-to-value program.

Risk Control Safety Training Programs

Safety educational sessions are held monthly at the Florida League of Cities’ Orlando office.

Sessions are also held regionally at the request of a large member or group of members.

Sessions may also be scheduled when a specific topic becomes important to a member. For example, a member who experiences an increase in the frequency of back injuries would benefit from a session on back safety.

Eight sessions are held quarterly throughout the State. Scheduled topics include, but are not limited to, the following:


Many public entities in Florida, including several Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) members, have had to cut safety and health departments to meet fiscal goals. This may mean that required safety training is not completed when necessary.
One way to reduce the cost of safety and health training for our members is to provide affordable online training/learning courses that members can access without travel. Many benefits are associated with this option, including reaching a larger number of employees without distrupting services and best utilizing available employee time. The FMIT has developed a wide range of online training courses for members to utilize. This service includes 23 class subjects on which all employees should be trained every year. More classes will be added as needed.
The Risk Control Department furnishes a video library of subjects ranging in safety issues and concerns regarding employees, citizens, workers’ compensation, and property and liability. The Risk Control Department is continuously adding new videos to an already comprehensive list.

The Matching Safety Grant Fund helps FMIT members obtain safety and health equipment. Examples of how members have utilized safety grant funds in the past include:

·        Continuing education classes

·        Personal protective equipment (PPE)

·        Hepatitis A & B immunizations

·        Work zone safety signs

·        Police accreditation program fees

·        Sidewalk repairs

·        Lifeguard training
To be awarded a safety grant, members complete a two-page request form. Completed forms are sent to the safety grant committee made up of fellow member volunteers. Once the request is approved, a check is sent to the member.
Risk Control has stock safety and health posters along with sample programs and forms that can be used by public entities. Risk Control can also create posters and materials specific to the needs of our public entities. If you require a tailor-made poster, material or form, please contact your Risk Control Consultant.
Your Risk Control Team
Not finding what you need or you want additional information? Our help is only a phone call away. 
Please contact the Risk Control Department at (800) 445-6248, ext. 1758.

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    Thought about RMPE?
    Source: Scott Blaser, CSP, Director, Risk Control

    Thought about RMPE?

    As I wrap up our first online meeting for the League’s Risk Management for Public Entities (RMPE) study group, I would be remiss if I did not let everyone know of this group, once again, and how it can help you obtain your RMPE certification.


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