The FMIT Shield Academy is your go-to source for safety and health training. Through the training arm, the FMIT offers countless educational opportunities for its members. Many public entities in Florida have had to cut safety and health personnel from their budgets.

This may mean that safety training is not completed when needed or required. We understand the importance of ongoing safety training, which is why we offer it in a variety of ways.

Our members depend on SHIELD Academy for their safety and health training because it is convenient, customized for their specific needs, and cost effective.

Convenient: Safety courses are offered at member locations, regional locations and online – both as individual courses and group webinars.

Customized: Our training focuses on core subject areas and emerging topics. We are constantly adding new courses and updating core classes to include the timeliest information.

Cost Effective: For members, there is no cost for online classes and onsite training is available at no cost or a nominal fee.

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Email Anita Wick for details on how to sign up.