Wellness Champions - Your Path to Success

The most successful wellness programs are supported by a dynamic network of enthusiastic individuals at the grassroots level. We call them “wellness champions” because they are the drivers for developing a culture of health and encouraging participation in a municipality’s wellness program.

As with many facets of a wellness program, there is no universal “right” answer for determining the number of wellness champions . . . quality is more important than quantity. In some cases, there may be only one person in that role. 

Wellness champions are going to be asked to wear many hats. Ideally, they should be well liked by their co-workers and be motivated to help your municipality achieve a new endeavor.

You may ask, “What is the most important quality of a wellness champion?” To us, the answer is: Be a great listener. This person will have to listen to management regarding the budget and available time and resources for the wellness program, and listen to all employees about what activities they would like to see in a wellness program.

Other characteristics of a successful wellness champion are:

Be Good Communicator - Good communicators provide clear and concise messages, and they are great listeners. Communication at all levels of the organization is constant in this type of role.

Be Social - Your champion will need to be able to talk to every employee – co-workers, managers, supervisors – and rally the troops to participate in health-oriented events such as wellness challenges.

By choosing the appropriate wellness champion(s) for your municipality, you will be on the path toward a successful employee wellness program!

For more information on the Hometown Health Program, contact Florida League of Cities wellness coordinators Gwen Knight or Lindsey Fisher at hometownhealth@flcities.com.