Risk Control Training

DID YOU KNOW that the Risk Control Department offers over 44 on-site, at-member training courses and 23 online training courses to Florida’s public entity employees?  These courses cover a wide variety of risk control and safety-related topics, designed to prevent accidents and injuries.  Most courses are conducted at a low charge for FLC members and a low to no charge for FMIT members.  We continually add new courses, based on our members’ needs.

In the last 6 years, we’ve offered over 1,000 training opportunities to Florida’s public entities and have trained over 15,000 public entity employees!    This Fund Year alone, our training schedule includes 349 training sessions, with 4,652 public entity employees being trained so far.  We project over 5,000 public entity employees will go through these training programs by the end of Fund Year 2013.

Most recently, we introduced the Maintenance of Traffic Intermediate and Maintenance of Traffic Intermediate Refresher courses to FLC and FMIT members.  The private sector charges anywhere from $200-$350 per person for the Maintenance of Traffic Intermediate course.  We are charging as low as $105 per person for this training.  Four-hundred eighty four people have already gone through MOT Training courses offered by The League, saving our members, collectively, over $100,000!

Though there is not a tangible method of tracking how many accidents and injuries were prevented, based on these statistics, you can see we are working hard to keep our public entity employees safe.

Below is a list of all training courses we offer.  If any of your members have questions about our Risk Control Training Programs, they can contact Anita Wick by email at AWick@flcities.com or by phone at 407-367-1734.

Scott Blaser is the director of Risk Control