In case you missed it: Disaster Preparedness Symposium Information Available

This information will include:

  • How to qualify for up-front recovery costs on insurance claims through FMIT's Turnkey Recovery Program
  • FREE programs to maximize FEMA PA Funding & minimize potential PW deobligations
  • Activate your online simpliCity account to review property schedules, critical assets and claims
  • FMIT 24/7 Loss Reporting Hotline at 855.FMIT.LOSS (855.364.8567)
  • Sign up for FLC-PACT (Public Assistance CloseOut Team) for addressing FEMA closeout issues
  • How to qualify for free FMIT safety grants
  • Receive live FMIT-Alerts and critical Ride-Out Team information
  • Access mobile applications to support Rapid Damage Assessment
  • New solutions for reporting losses quickly and effectively
  • Participate in Lessons Learned Q&A with Industry Experts